I am sure not everyone spends near as much time on the road as we do, but I learned as a young child that road trips rock! You can leave when you want, stop when you want, play the music as loud as you want, play silo and the license plate ABC’s. You learn what towns and cities are in each state, and a bit of their history, thanks to the brown history signs. You learn what IHOP to eat at and gain an understanding for distance and how big this great country and world really is. Only after you have spent 16 hours in a car with your family can you really understand how far from home you have gone – and you’ve only passed through 2 states!

I have always loved just sitting and looking out the window, examining the different types of clouds and watching the landscape slowly change as you drive from one area to another. While stationed in Kansas we would drive east to visit grandparents, about 22 hours drive any way we went with three young children. As we would enter West Virginia and the Appalachian Mountains or exit 271N onto 90W in western PA, my husband I would get giddy like little kids, it looked like home; the trees, the hills, the sky. A very different view from the midwest and all of it so beautiful to see.

Add the spectacular views with the ability to start and stop as desired and some serious quality family time and you have my definition of Freedom. In control of our destiny, our timeline and our relationships.

Kids are all grown and doing wonderful things in the world so our road trips are quieter and less crumby, but the scenery is just as gorgeous and the conversation as enlightening, the games are just as much fun and the music is still good and loud. Most of all, we still feel like the road is a great way to experience this country and enjoy our freedom.

Freedom, 9 x 12, pastel painting, July 2017


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