The Gift of Giving

Friends were expecting, so I decided to make their daughter a ‘Welcome’ gift. I knit a simple blanket and embelished with some flowers and made an adorable pair of sandals. You see where we live it is normally warm enough for sandals in May – not sure about this year – might have to make her a new pair!


The blanket I knit on size 10needles with worsted weight yarn, seed stitch ribbing, and then 10 stitch by 10 rows of alternating knit and purl squares. The blanket measures approximately 2½ feet x 4 feet finished. The sandals are from a pattern I picked up here at ‘Lovely Little Life’ They were not difficult and came out great the first time! I will probably make more!


Needless to say she entered the world to the joy and delight of her family!

I know it is cliche, but giving is the best gift!

2 thoughts on “The Gift of Giving

  1. Jess

    That’s beautiful! Adam is two months shy of 5 and still loves the blanket you gave him when he was a baby! You do good work! 🙂



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