The happiness of being dirty agian!

Well, it started last night, back in the pottery studio for the first time in over 10 years!

They have been a great 10 years, please don’t get me wrong, proms, graduations, Christmases, hours in a vehicle helmeted and petrified, endless hours in hot sweaty pools and noisy fluorescently illuminated gymnasiums; but still 10 years is a long time.


It was amazing feeling the clay spin in my hands, sloppy and gooey, soft and malleable. Slop through my fingers and stuck to my palm. The happiness of being dirty agian!

The first vessel I tried I actually got centered (well, really close) and got the sides up about 7 inches. My other two attempts were unsuccessful. I could feel the clay laughing at me as I tried to keep it centered and as I drew up the walls I could feel the small air holes I was creating by forcing the piece. This clay is softer than I have used in the past and does not require the speed or water of high fire stoneware, so it was easy to go to far with the pices, as I got tried to center I was really just weakening the soft clay. 

On Thursday I will work slower and with less water. I won’t work the pieces until they fall apart, instead I will save them all and practice carving patterns in the pieces that are wonky – yes, I do believe that is technical potter’s term!  


I do think some of my difficulties on the second two pieces were due to the class environment. It is so hard not to chat when you have a room full of like minded people and it was fun to be involved in the studio atmosphere again. I laid down in bed and my head reeled with the bean pot that has been requested, because you just can’t find those anywhere, and all the gorgeous vessels I have seen and want to re-create.

Woke up with a headache this morning, a sick 16 year old, and a full day at work in front of me, still in surreal state of happy calm – it is good to be me!

2 thoughts on “The happiness of being dirty agian!

  1. Jess

    It IS good to be you. I’m definitely looking into being you when I grow up…..after I’m done being Katie. (I have the MOST delightful sisters!)



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